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Learning from Saints Who Transformed Their Culture
The Place of the Presence of God: Aphrahat of Persia’s Portrait of the Christian Holy Man.

But there was far more behind this request and the response than a desire for Christianity. Rastislav, like the rest of the Slav princes, was struggling for independence from German influence and invasion. Christian missionaries from the East, to replace missionaries from Germany, would help Rastislav consolidate power in his own country, especially if they spoke the Slavonic language.

Constantine and Methodius were dedicated to the ideal of expression in a people's native language. Throughout their lives they would battle against those who saw value only in Greek or Latin. Before they even left on their mission, tradition says, Constantine constructed a script for Slavonic -- a script that is known today as glagolithic. Glagolithic is considered by some as the precursor of cyrillic which named after him. Arriving in in Moravia, Constantine began translating the liturgy into Slavonic. In the East, it was a normal procedure to translate liturgy into the vernacular.

The German hierarchy, which had power over Moravia, used this difference to combat the brothers' influence.

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The German priests didn't like losing their control and knew that language has a great deal to do with independence. So when Constantine and Methodius went to Rome to have the Slav priesthood candidates ordained neither was a bishop at the time , they had to face the criticism the Germans had leveled against them.

But if the Germans had motives that differed from spiritual concerns, so did the pope. He was concerned about the Eastern church gaining too much influence in the Slavic provinces. Helping Constantine and Methodius would give the Roman Catholic church more power in the area. So after speaking the brothers, the pope approved the use of Slavonic in services and ordained their pupils.

Methodius: The Deep Things of the Scriptures

Constantine never returned to Moravia. He died in Rome after assuming the monastic robes and the name Cyril on February 14, Legend tells us that his older brother was so griefstricken, and perhaps upset by the political turmoil, that he intended to withdraw to a monastery in Constantinople.

Cyril's dying wish, however, was that Methodius return to the missionary work they had begun. He couldn't return to Moravia because of political problems there, but another Slavic prince, Kocel, asked for him, having admired the brothers' work in translating so much text into Slavonic.

Methodius was allowed by the pope to continue saying Mass and administering baptism in the Slavonic tongue. Methodius was finally consecrated bishop, once again because of politics -- Kocel knew that having a Slavonic bishop would destroy the power of the Salzburg hierarchy over his land. Methodius became bishop of Sirmium, an ancient see near Belgrade and given power over Serbo-Croatian, Slovene, and Moravian territory.

The German bishops accused him of infringing on their power and imprisoned him in a monastery. This lasted until Germany suffered military defeats in Moravia. At that time the pope intervened and Methodius returned to his diocese in triumph at the same time the Germans were forced to recognize Moravian independence.

There was a loss involved -- to appease the Germans a little, the pope told Methodius he could no longer celebrate liturgy in the vernacular. The prophet is merely the chosen vessel of the All-powerful Spirit of God.

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All of Holy Scripture is written thusly - not according to the will of man but according to the will of God, and not according to the mind of man but according to the mind of God. How does the word of God feel when it enters the prophet from the Spirit of God; this the great Jeremiah explains from his personal experience: " It becomes like fire burning in my heart, imprisoned in my bones.

Under such irresistible internal pressure - as under the pressure of fire imprisoned in my bones - wrote the holy man of God. And many of them cried out: " I grow weary holding it in, I cannot endure it anymore.

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May - Saints Cyril and Methodius were brothers from Thessalonica of distinguished and wealthy parents, Leo and Maria. If God is one, from where three persons? Our God is one, yours is three! Only my brethren, the action of God the Holy Spirit is irresistible! O All-powerful Spirit of God, direct us irresistibly on the path of salvation. To Thee be glory and praise forever. Serbian Patriarch received Ambassador of Greece. Big distinction to Minister Sinisa Mali. Patron Saint-day of the monastery of Saint Petka in Zagreb.

Serbian Patriarch received Nik Vujicic. Orthodox Churches What encyclical of Church of Greece told about cremation. Church of Greece to distribute leaflets about the cremation of dead. How to See.

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The Sacred Writings of Saint Methodius The Sacred Writings of Saint Methodius
The Sacred Writings of Saint Methodius The Sacred Writings of Saint Methodius
The Sacred Writings of Saint Methodius The Sacred Writings of Saint Methodius
The Sacred Writings of Saint Methodius The Sacred Writings of Saint Methodius
The Sacred Writings of Saint Methodius The Sacred Writings of Saint Methodius

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