Stealing Kisses (Southern Comfort Book 2)

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Still I find it amusing that you start with a question Shapiro did not respond to, and then seemingly only to set up strawmen just to knock them down. Next, you again present a question Shapiro did not answer, and instead insert something Shapiro allegedly stated elsewhere so you can presume how he would respond. Does not seem particularly fair or meaningful, but OK. So Kansas supposedly has budget woes due to low taxes. Are you suggesting that no state economies have benefited from lower taxes Texas, Florida, etc or suffered from high taxes Connecticut, California?

You then proceed to cite some studies that support your viewpoint about higher taxes and raising the minimum wage while derogating studies that disagree.

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An economic issue with conflicting viewpoints? What will they think of next? Does this debate ever end? Not in my lifetime or yours. But if you think you definitively refuted the opposing view, more power to you. Actually neither do I. On health care I think he is all wet. Not too hard to critique. And therein lies a basic and evergreen disagreement. You take issue, give us a usual discussion about when life begins etc. But again if you want to believe you have conclusively resolved the philosophical issue, whatever works. Then to gay marriage where we get another slippery slope argument with the claim that a bakery should not be forced under legal compulsion to make a cake for a gay wedding is equivalent to racial or religious discrimination.

Here again, you are not critiquing any actual response. Still seems like a straightfoward response to your supposedly irrefutable logic. Finally we get a discussion about privilege where you disagree with Shapiro and Thomas Sowell for that matter on the importance of culture and cite studies that seemingly support your claims of racial bias in the justice system. Other studies are left out, inconvenient details ignored for example buried in a footnote in the Atty. General NYC stop and frisk study was the fact that whites were actually stopped without reasonable suspicion more than any other group , and things like the demographics of crime not discussed.

Again the standard disagreement and statistics battle. Here are some other rules that may be helpful. First, become comfortable with criticism. You are big game hunting, trying to be noticed. People that engage in public criticism should not be so defensive.

I merely suggested you needed editing. Second, try not to praise yourself so much in your own writing. Comes across as childish and insecure. Let other people praise your supposedly towering intellect. Were you so upset at my needling that you had to come back with 9 full paragraphs just to emphasize how unimportant I am? Now hang.

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I started with a question Shapiro did not answer because it was the highest-rated and most visible question, which Shapiro conveniently decided to ignore as it stymies his entire ideological framework. It also furthers my assertion that he is lazy. That you do not see this is your own issue to resolve.

I mean, did you fail to read that part, or what? Was that assumption warranted? Yes, another really popular question he conveniently ignores, which again further backs my claim that he was lazy. And it is both fair and meaningful if you were to be philosophically consistent- or are you attacking me for giving Shapiro too much credit there?

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I am suggesting that one of the biggest and most extreme modern examples of his stated economic principles led to a spectacular failure- a failure that began immediately after these principles were tapped, and one that he refused to defend. You could have well-functioning states with high or low taxes, with a million other confounding variables to boot. Your point is what, exactly? Are you unable to read?

You think it irrelevant that he misuses words and gets basic definitions wrong, but I beg to differ.

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Nor is the second part needless or meandering. As for your other objections, see my comments above. Your same fallacy is at work there. Uh- what? Sexual orientation is a protected class according to our present Social Contract- just like race. No, they are neither contextually nor historically equivalent, yet they ARE legally equivalent since the state has a vested interest in preventing discrimination against protected groups. Nor is the state- as I point out- required to review things on a case-by-case basis, since you can literally come up with any sort of hypothetical that might fall under the umbrella of religious, etc.

It is one thing to not be friends with blacks or gays, or refuse to host them for dinner in your home. Jesus, just look at your own dishonesty.

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This is further supported by whistle-blowing cops all over the country who indicate the same, as well as multiple investigations by the Department of Justice and , pages of internal police documents spanning roughly 20 years in NJ- the state Shapiro by his own choice decided to focus on, and the state that- in order to be fair- I likewise devote a good amount of attention to. But tell me why I should give a fuck?

Thank you for your suggestions. And now, some for you. First, do not get involved in an argument for which you are ill-equipped. By your own logic, there are far better targets for me to bleed. Yet here you are, feeling the need to fit me into some narrative just because I wrote 3 sentences that got you fired up enough to completely change your mind about my importance.

Well, thanks for the affirmation, I guess. Now, where are you hiding that self-destruct button?

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Oh- there it is. Hold tight, now. Alex-You might not be cut out for this line of work. At least not yet. Pot and Kettle and all. YOU lol just published a very lengthy attack on someone with a clickbait title on a public website with an open comment section.

Stealing Kisses (Southern Comfort Book 2) Stealing Kisses (Southern Comfort Book 2)
Stealing Kisses (Southern Comfort Book 2) Stealing Kisses (Southern Comfort Book 2)
Stealing Kisses (Southern Comfort Book 2) Stealing Kisses (Southern Comfort Book 2)
Stealing Kisses (Southern Comfort Book 2) Stealing Kisses (Southern Comfort Book 2)
Stealing Kisses (Southern Comfort Book 2) Stealing Kisses (Southern Comfort Book 2)
Stealing Kisses (Southern Comfort Book 2) Stealing Kisses (Southern Comfort Book 2)
Stealing Kisses (Southern Comfort Book 2) Stealing Kisses (Southern Comfort Book 2)
Stealing Kisses (Southern Comfort Book 2) Stealing Kisses (Southern Comfort Book 2)
Stealing Kisses (Southern Comfort Book 2) Stealing Kisses (Southern Comfort Book 2)

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