Squatters Rights on the Street of Broken Men

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a Landrights campaign for Britain

What can I do? I served her with a notice to pay rent or vacate. My Dad is evicting squatters currently that are continuing to trash the unit, do drugs, and break in different areas to the duplex to turn the water on in the unit they are in. The water is only on one meter and is in the paying renters name in the neighboring unit. Today the squatters went to court and contested the eviction. How can we change laws to protect the landlord or home owner????????????????????????????????????????????

Is it possible?! They are not paying rent or utilities..

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File a report in that she is trespassing if the boy has broken up with her. If he did break with her then there should little to no legal ties for her to be there. I tried looking for owners which is a bank that I dont know. The house was on auction for a while and then all of a sudden some homeless moved into the house. Please help me get ride of them because my family and I are scared of our house and our belongings that we worked hard for. Please Help! Same thing happened on my street. We called the police on them constantly.

Said there are suspicious people there, noise violations, etc. Turns out, these type of people tend to have warrants.

Bob Dyer: Squatting on landlord’s rights

Each time the police came someone got arrested. Also, we flooded the bank with constant phone calls until they actually evicted them. The whole thing took less than a year. My father died in and left a 2nd home to my sister and I and my brother got the family home which he is living in. My sister and I live out of the state in which the home is located. My brother lives in the same city as the 2nd home. My sister and I have recently decided to sell the home and have found out that my brother has allowed some people to move into the 2nd home, which he has no legal right to do, and has been collecting rent periodically.

Our realtor has been trying to show the home but the unauthorized people have not allowed it to be shown. How do we get these people out of the house so we can sell it?

Squatter's Rights and Wrongs: Some Making Money Off Foreclosed Homes

We also think there may be some illegal daycare being run out of the house. I rented my house to a very nice christian family who said i was Gods answer to their prayers, they signed the lease for one year, payed me the rent and deposit, i gave them the key, the next day a previous tenant went to the house to collect mail and saw the new tenants, told them the house was in foreclosure, immediatley the new tenants cancelled the money orders they gave me and decided to move in anyways they said all is fine just prove to them the house is not in foreclosure, i did and now they said they got no place to move and how can they be sure the house wont be in foreclosure again, how can i get rid of them?

A friend passed away, long story short, his trailer is in our name. The family was suppose to get it straightened out, but they have not. Time is up, and now we need to sell the trailer. His nieces are living in it. How do we get them out? There is no contract, or lease. We let them stay there while trying to figure out the money that is owed. No one has come up with a solution, now we have to sell it.

We are in Ohio, how do I start this? Here are some options: — talk to a lawyer — talk to the local court to see if they would hear an eviction case such as this — try to make a deal with the nieces and convince them to move maybe give them some money if they move out.

Developer wins 'squatter's rights' appeal to retain family home

We bought a house at auction in California and now the previous owners are refusing to leave. We gave them a 3 day notice to pay and then, after talking to them, we decided to have them sign a 30 day notice to vacate not through a lawyer.

We have not charged any rent and now after the 30 days they are refusing to leave. What can we do? Since your occupants did not honor your 3-day notice or your day notice, the next move if it was my property, would be to have your attorney begin the legal method of the eviction process.

However, I always think of my safety first! And, Retribution of any action that I think about before acting. If not on comfortable terms with the occupant, I have called the police to verify if the occupant does have the property address on their drivers license; which establishes residency.

lastsurestart.co.uk/libraries/phone/275-location-cell.php Then I would provide to the police and the occupants the 30 day notice. The only way to get them out is to formally evict and be prepared for the mess they leave behind. Well if you have a contract signed by both parties then present to the court room also try to find the auctioneer or consult your bank. Landlords and property owners must join forces to change these insane laws.

How can we go about this. The law has taken away my right to protect my property, my sanity, my safety. How can this be possible? How do we revolt and reclaim our rights? I wish the laws could be changed ,it is time to change for this century ,not the olden days.

The squatters should have no rights at all. Not fair,we work hard for what we have. I am willing to help change laws in my state and others also. There needs to be a centralized effort to combat this problem. As the saying goes, there is strength in unity. Maybe people who read this can post the names of any organizations they know of who are trying to fix this problem. Then maybe those organizations can all be contacted and asked to somehow join forces and consolidate their efforts and direct all interested parties to one central site, perhaps submit suggestions for a petition.

We need to change the laws. We need to start somewhere, and we need to do it fast. Laws that might have initially been passed to protect some innocents from wicked landlords, well now those laws are being horribly misused and exploited in downright evil ways against innocent property owners. My ex-husband drew up a contract with a man just before I legally took possession of property we shared. He tried selling the property out from under me after I gave him my home in trade to get the property back.

Now, this guy has a lawyer and claims the property is his! I went to the property to find him living on it. The association is getting ready to throw fines on me because he is not following protocol. I believe I am in for the fight of my life!

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We have squatters next door. I was informed today the real estate agent would be letting in the primary squatter to remove belongings today. Yeah, you imagine the stench, not to mention the piles of garbage outside, bringing rodents. Since he moved in, he has not found a job, does not have reliable transportation, expects to use our vehicle anytime he needs it, stays up until 4am and sleeps until 4pm. We have gotten tired of being taken advantage of and have given him 30 days to find some place else to live.

We live in Virginia…is there anything else we should or can do? MLG and W came and turned it off.

Squatters Rights on the Street of Broken Men Squatters Rights on the Street of Broken Men
Squatters Rights on the Street of Broken Men Squatters Rights on the Street of Broken Men
Squatters Rights on the Street of Broken Men Squatters Rights on the Street of Broken Men
Squatters Rights on the Street of Broken Men Squatters Rights on the Street of Broken Men
Squatters Rights on the Street of Broken Men Squatters Rights on the Street of Broken Men

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