Lassitudini (Italian Edition)

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Published a number of meditative, catechistic and ascetical works, which condense his homiletic programme. Basile died at Grenoble at the age of This work went through more than ten editions, many of which without acknowledging the name of the author. Francisci capuccinorum Venice, , 37; Wadding, Scriptores 3rd.

Entered the order in the Naples province at an early age, making his profession at the age of seventeen September 4, After studies in philosophy, canon and civil law, theology and medicine, Basilio became guardian, custos general and definitor for his province. He also taught for many years in the schools of his order. In between, he embarked on several large preaching tours throughout the Italian peninsula. Many of his sermons still survive, as do a number of his philosophical and theological works.

Basilio died at the age of 63, on 28 March, Francisci capuccinorum Venice, , ; Sbaralea, Supplementum ed. Basilius de Portella Basilio da Portella, d.

Friar from the Toulouse province. Famous preacher in the Marseille region, where he toured around, preaching in towns and villages, exhorting his audience to make public repentance for their sins. In the early s, he was elected guardian of Pont-Saint-Esprit. The chapter of Aix appointed him guardian of Cavaillon. He died during a trip administrative or homiletic? Unknown whether his sermons do survive. Member of the Salerno province. Professor of theology and preacher. Produced two series of Conciones de Tempore and a Breviarium Theologicum.

Neither of these works saw the printing press. Died at Bologna, in , during a stint as the provincial minister for the Bologna province.

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Francisci capuccinorum Venice, , 38; Sbaralea, Supplementum ed. Worked as a missionary in England and later, back in France, he devoted much of his time to the writing of anti-Protestant treatises, defending elements of Catholic doctrine and tradition. In addition, he published a few works of asceticism and moral theology. This work saw eight editions until A revised and enlarged version of the previous work. It also saw a range of editions. This work is included in some editions of La vraye religion , replete with its own preface and independent page numbering.

Paris, It saw its 13th edition in Some bibliographers, such as Bernardo di Bologna treat the four volumes of the work as independent treatises on the Credo first volume , the sacraments second volume , the commandments third volume and prayer fourth volume respectively. As yet not much information concernin its printed editions is available.

Explication du saint sacrifice de la messe. Hurter, Nomenclator literarius , 3rd. Innsbruck, IV, ; A. Probably born in or around A descendant of the neapolitan Donnerso family, he entered the Capuchin order at Naples at the age of 18, taking his vows of profession on April 23, Subsequently, he also took on the charges of guardian, definitor and provincial of the Naples province He died at the Cava convent, at the age of The whereabouts of these manuscripts, mentioned in the works of Bernardo di Bologna and Apollinaris de Valencia, are as yet unknown.

Francisci capuccinorum Venice, , 37; Apollinaris de Valencia, Bibliotheca fratrum minorum capuccinorum provinciae neapolitanae Rome, , 48; A. Friar from the Valencian province, where he acted as a definitor and as provincial minister.


Sumario de las indulgencias concedidas al orden del Padre S. Francisco , printed with the Madrid edition of the rule of Francis used by the Spanish Capuchins. Discurso historial, en que se prueba que el Padre S. Francisco no fue religioso, ni professo la regla del sagrado doctor S. Suma o Compendio sobre la regla de los frayles menores, recopilada de la exposicion, que sobre ella hizo el R.

Castilian friar. Took up several educational and administrative positions: lector, guardian, custos, definitor and provincial, as well as visitator of other Capuchin provinces in Spain. King Philip IV made him a court preacher, and had him appointed counsellor and judge of the inquisition tribunal.

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Basilius also obtained a position the University of Salamanca, and acted as the confessor of the Duke of Medina Celi. Basilius died at Naples during a trip with the latter to Italy. He wrote a variety of works, all of which seem to be connected with his work at Salamanca, and all of them have escaped the printing press. Paracer del R. Censura y paracer. Manual de advertencias y devotas aspiraciones mui provechosas para el articulo de la morte, recopilados de muchas auctores que de esta materia an escrito : MS Naples, Biblioteca Nazionale VII.

Learned theologian and versatile preacher in different languages Italian, Spanish, French, Latin. Preached regularly at the urban court of the Duke of Milan, as well as at general and provincial chapter meetings. Several times guardian of the Milan friary, and visitator of the Genoa province.

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In his old age, he was nearly bed-ridden by gout. Studied in Italy Rimini, Ferrara, Venice. He became regent lector of the Cracow studium and subsequently provincial minister of the Polish province , and therafter lector of moral philosophy, again in Cracow. Very active preacher, also at Cracow cathedral. Panoplia seu Armatura septemgemina sacramentalis perfecta.

Craco: Nic. Bonaventurae in and receiving his theology degree in Appointed Magister studium in Padua, but immediately transferred to Naples to become Baccalaureus Conventus.

Made regent of the Studium of Milan in , and subsequently regent of the Bologna studium around He was sent on a diplomatic mission to the royal court of France by Pope Paul V. In lode di S. Carlo Borromeo. Edited as: Oratione in lode del beato Carlo Borromeo cardinale di s. Chiesa romana del titolo di santa Prassede. Composta e recitata alli 4.

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Dal M. Bonifatio Fausti dell'Olmo dell'ordine di Min. Dottor Theologo, Predicatore, e Regente dello studio di S. In one form or another this text was apparently also included in: Orationi in lode di S. Carlo Borromeo arciuescouo di Milano. Recitate da diuersi eccellenti oratori nel Duomo di Milano, in occasione della festa di detto santo, cominciando dalla sua morte insino all'anno presente. Also accessible via Google Books. Entered the order on October 9, Active as a novice master, guardian and definitor. Wrote a ceremoniale for his Bavarian province.

Francisci Capuccinorum venice, , 39; A.


Friar of noble descent, who entered the order after he had been a Benedictine for many years Abbot of the benedictine house of Grasse in , Bishop of Marseille in? Propagated the re-inforcement of the Templar fortifications of Safad Resigned his positions including the episcopal see and entered the Franciscan order in Alessandria Universitaria.

A full edition by Alfredo Cocci is in progress. Compendium [abbeviation of the former work by the author himself. Le Moyen Age. Revue d'histoire et de philologie 72 Paris, [whioch volume? Studi Medievali, 3. Michael Bihl OFM , ed.

Lassitudini (Italian Edition) Lassitudini (Italian Edition)
Lassitudini (Italian Edition) Lassitudini (Italian Edition)
Lassitudini (Italian Edition) Lassitudini (Italian Edition)
Lassitudini (Italian Edition) Lassitudini (Italian Edition)
Lassitudini (Italian Edition) Lassitudini (Italian Edition)
Lassitudini (Italian Edition) Lassitudini (Italian Edition)
Lassitudini (Italian Edition) Lassitudini (Italian Edition)

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