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Mark has lived in Greece and Germany and traveled through Egypt. He has taught history, writing, literature, and philosophy at the college level. Related Content Filters: All. Articles 3. Norse cosmology divided the universe into nine realms. The center Pets were as important to the Norse of the Viking Age c. WikiProject Religion may be able to help recruit an expert. April Archived from the original on Retrieved The Chechens: a handbook 1st ed. Retrieved 25 March If not at the battlefield, one would go to Hel not to be confused with the Christian Hell.

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The ninth hall is Folkvang, where bright Freyja. Decides where the warriors shall sit. Some of the fallen belong to her. And some belong to Odin.

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    Views Read Edit View history. Rome officially had a new emperor. He would be the first in a long line of emperors from the Balkans. Quintus Decius Valerinus was born around CE to a large landowning family in the small village of Budalia located in the Balkan province of Pannonia. The young aspiring Decius married into a respectable Etruscan family - Herennia Cupressenia Etruscilla - they would have two sons, Herennius and Hestilianus.

    Unlike several of his predecessors - Macrinus , Maximinus and Philip - who had gained renown in the military, Decius had little, if any experience in the army, serving as a distinguished member of the Roman Senate and even as consul in CE. During the reign of Philip, before he was sent to Moesia and Pannonia, he was the urban prefect of Rome. In an odd turn of events, when Philip offered to step down as emperor, it was Decius who stopped his resignation, saying it was unnecessary.

    After defeating Philip and consolidating his power in Rome, the emperor focused on a number of building projects including a repair of the aging Colosseum and the construction of the Baths of Decius. In CE he returned to military service when he led forces to the Balkans to confront the resurging Goths who had crossed the Danube into the province of Thrace and attacked the city of Philippopolis. It was there that the Goths would ally themselves with the provincial governor Titus Julius Priscus.

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    With the support of the Goths, Priscus wasted little time, declaring himself emperor. Unfortunately for Priscus, although the exact date in unknown, he was killed by his new allies before he could enjoy the benefits of the imperial office. In CE while still fighting away from Rome, Decius received news of a second usurper to the throne, a senator, one Iulius Valens Licinianus. Unlike Priscus, he had some support in Rome both in the senate and withh the populace, but his rebellion and he would soon be put down by Publius Licinius Valerianus a future emperor - CE who had been appointed by Decius to attend to the administrative duties while he was gone.

    Decius could not be bothered with these would-be emperors. His major concern was the leader of the Goths, Kniva. With the hope of stopping Kniva, the emperor sent his oldest son Herennius to Moesia and Decius soon followed. Unfortunately, both Decius and his son who had been appointed co-emperor were unable to repel Kniva and his combined forces.

    Despite early success, Decius and his son as well as most of their army became entrapped in a swamp and died at the Battle of Abrittus. Decius was the first Roman emperor to die in battle against a foreign enemy. Trebonianus Gallus assumed the imperial title CE and quickly made peace with the Goths.

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    7. Unfortunately for Emperor Decius, he is remembered more for his persecution of the Christians than his military campaigns. Although Christians were not specifically named in any of the imperial edicts, it was evident for whom they were intended. Decius declared that all citizens had to not only sacrifice to the Roman gods but also observe pagan rituals, something that both Jews and Christians, since the reign of Nero , had always refused to do. While Christians were not ordered to give up their faith, torture and execution were common for those who refused to demonstrate allegiance - even Pope Fabianus of Rome was not spared.

      Killing God: Roman (German Edition) Killing God: Roman (German Edition)
      Killing God: Roman (German Edition) Killing God: Roman (German Edition)
      Killing God: Roman (German Edition) Killing God: Roman (German Edition)
      Killing God: Roman (German Edition) Killing God: Roman (German Edition)
      Killing God: Roman (German Edition) Killing God: Roman (German Edition)
      Killing God: Roman (German Edition) Killing God: Roman (German Edition)
      Killing God: Roman (German Edition) Killing God: Roman (German Edition)
      Killing God: Roman (German Edition) Killing God: Roman (German Edition)
      Killing God: Roman (German Edition) Killing God: Roman (German Edition)

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