Jesus Loves You: Acts 1:1-2 Chronicles 28:21 (Season 2)

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Mat ; strife argue Strife is evil and must be avoided. Be at peace with all instead. You must suffer to be through with sin. Mat ,James ; sword of the spirit sword The sword of the Spirit are the words from the mouth of the Lord directly or spoken by His servants. Heb ,Eph ,Rev ,,2 Thessalonians , Rev ,15,21; sword turned backward government against the just, government against the righteous The sword of the magistrate is turned backwards when it is applied to the righteous.

Jesus Loves You: Acts 1:1-2 Chronicles 28:21

Isa ; take no thought We must eventually stop thinking with our carnal mind and replace it with the mind of Christ. John ,,26,, 1 John ,27,John ,Psa ,,Mat ,Tit ,Eph ; taught by Jesus Jesus teaches us if we go to Him and listen in humble silence. John , , Mat ,Eph ,John ,1 John ,Mat ; teacher your one true teacher is the anointing Your one true teacher is the anointing, which is the Christ.

Psa , ,Mat ,1 John ,27,John , , John , Isa ,Isa ,; testimony forbidden No testimony is wanted from men until their heart has been cleansed to speak from the Spirit. Mat ,,, Mark ,,,,, John , Luke ,,; the word and scripture in same verse word and scripture The verses that contain both the word and scripture, proving that the word is not scriptures. Dan ,John ,John ,Acts , John ,; the word is a living being the word, the word of God, the word of the Lord Scriptures that show the word to be a living being, not a book, scroll, or writing. Psa , Rev ,John , 2 Peter ,1 Peter ,25, Heb , John ; thoughts from man thoughts of man Thoughts from your mind are evil and must be completely replaced by thoughts supplied by the Spirit.

Eph ,Psa ,Prov ,Isa , Eph ,Isa ,,Jer , ,Gal ; thoughts from the Spirit thought, thoughts When your carnal mind is destroyed by the Spirit, your only thoughts come from Him.

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Eze ,Eph ,Jude ,2 Pet , 2 Tim ,2 Pet ,Rom ; translated into the kingdom, a different dimension, kingdom At the conclusion of salvation, you are translated in sight and consciousness into the kingdom. John ,Luke ,Col ,John ,,Eph ,Rev ,Heb ; tree of life When we are translated into the kingdom, we eat from the tree of life again. Gen ,,Rev ,Rev ,Pro ,; tremble quake In the fear of the Lord, as the Word comes near, the flesh of man trembles or quakes like the earth.

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Mat ; true peace True peace occurs when your carnal mind has been destroyed and you are quiet and worry free. Isa ,Phil ,Isa , Col ; true treasure True treasure is wisdom, and when you give to the poor your treasure is everlasting in heaven. Pro ,Pro ,Mat ,Luke ,Pro ,Mark ,1 Timothy ; truth The truth is in life of God, which life is light, which light is the anointing, which is truth. Rom ,, Psa ,Rom ,Deu ,Luke ; turned over to demons As part of tribulation, there is affliction from demons; but they are limited by the Lord.

Job ,Psa 23,, ,,Eph ,Psa , ,,, Psa ; turns aside turn aside False teachers turn aside the just from striving, repentance, and taking up the cross. Col ,1 Cor ,Eph ,Rom,Phil ,Eph ,1 Cor ; utterance A speaking of words supplied by the Spirit for us to speak, just before speaking. Psa ,Eph ,Psa , , Ecc , ; victory There is victory to be attained in this life: over sin, the world, and death.

Today violence is pervasive again.

Psa ,Gen ; vision visions The word within your heart not only speaks, it shows visions too. Gen ,,Num ,2 Chron ,Dan ,Hosea ,Joel ,Acts , Acts ,Acts , 2 Cor ; visitation every man has heard him, every man heard, every man has heard the call to repent Every man has his day of visitation from God, when God pleads with him to turn from evil. Mat ,Tit ,John ,John ,John ,Rev ,John ; voice like thunder After we experience the baptism of death, we hear the Voice of the Lord like thunder over water.

Who persistently and patiently wait on Him attain salvation. Isa ,,Pro ,Hos ,Heb ,Isa ,,Gal ,Lam ,Psa ,9,,,Psa ,, ; wait and hope When waiting on the Lord, remember to hope to hear his sweet words and for his changing grace. Psa ,22,Psa ,,Lam ,,Psa ,,Psa ; wait for salvation You must sit in spiritual darkness with humble silence and wait on the Lord to receive salvation.

Isa ,,,,Isa ,,,,Pro ,,Hos , Lam ,26,Mic ,Psa ,,, ,,Psa ,,34,,Psa ,,6,,,; walk as He walked walk You must walk as he walked, under the continual guidance of the Spirit for what to say and do.

Biblical Theology

James ,Tit ,1 John ,Col ,Rom ,Rom ; walk in darkness walking in darkness Until the morning star, Jesus, has risen in your heart, you walk in darkness, which is sin. Isa ,Psa ,Luke ,John ,John ,Luke ,John ,Mat ,Isa ; walk in the light walk in light, walking in the light With maturity we walk in his marvelous light as children of the light. Rev ,Luke ,Eph ,John ,Col ,Isa ,,Psa ,,,1 John ; walk in the Spirit walk after the Spirit To walk with the Spirit ordering your every word to speak and every deed to be done.

Rom ,4, Rom ,14; walk not talk talk but not walk Don't be like those who fail to practice what they preach. James ,,Mat ; war fight, struggle against sin There is a fight between the Spirit of God and sinful lusts in your body. Psa ,2 Cor ,Luke ,Pro ,Mat ,38,,Psa ,,1 Cor ; weeping and gnashing There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth outside those who obeyed the Lord. Mat ,Mat ,Mat ; who still sins does not know the Lord who still sins is not known by the Lord You only know him when he has freed you from even the desire to sin. Mat ,1 John ,Mat ,John , ; will of God His will, will Our mind must be renewed so that we are completely guided by Him to do His will, not ours.

Rom ,Heb ,Mat ,1 Pet ,Gal ,Mark ,1 Thes ,7,Heb ,39, Eph ,Col ; will-worship will worship Customs of man and worship according to the carnal mind of man vs. Col ; wisdom Wisdom is a key part of the ultimate treasure. James ,Pro ,,,Pro ,,,Pro ,,,1 Cor ; witness Christ within Until you have seen Him appear in your heart, when you have been freed from sin, you don't know Him. Tit ,1 Pet ,Eph , Col ; word created the earth and the heavens word created The Word, or the Word of God, or the Word of the Lord, created the heavens and the earth and all.

Heb , 2 Pet , Psa ; word endures forever The word of God lives, lasts, and endures forever. Each work spoken to you transmits the life of God to your heart. Phil ,1 John ; word of truth All His spoken words are truth. Col ,Eph , ,Rom ,17,Deu ,1 John , ,14,1 Pet , 25,Rev ; words from man words of man, words of men Unless the Lord gives you the words to speak just before speaking, your words are from the evil one.

Pro,,Pro ,Mat ,Pro ,,8,Isa ,Jer ,Isa ,Eze ,,Psa ,,; words from the Spirit speak, speak from Spirit, words, word True ministers speak only words supplied by the Spirit and heard immediately before speaking. Acts ,,2 Cor ,2 Cor,,1 Cor ,1 Pet ,John ,,Rom ,Eph,2 Pet ; works works prompted by God, works energized by God, commanded works, deeds, deed Christ recreates us into new creatures so that we can perform His commanded works to His glory. Tit ,Eph ,John ,John ,Heb ,Mat ,Gal ,Phil ; works of obedience short works, works of faith Works of loving obedience to the commands of God are essential.

Gal ,Tit ,2 Tim ,Rom ,John ,Eph ,James ; works of unregenerated men works by unredeemed men If you witness, teach, or preach before being specifically sent with words you hear just before speaking, you are condemned. Mat ,, John , John , Rev ; world ends end of the world When you enter the kingdom, the world passes away from your consciousness and sight.

Mat ,9, Mark ; yesterday today forever Jesus and His moral, purity standards are the same forever - never changing, never have changed. Heb , Heb ,Psa , Mal ;. The second appearance of Jesus is when He appears in the heart of purified believers, who see Him.

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To be a preacher or teacher, you must first be specifically trained, perfected, and authorized by the Lord. The baptism of the Holy Spirit results in the death of your selfish, evil spirit that all men have.

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  5. To attain salvation you must first take up the cross to kill your selfish, sinful nature. Being led in Old Testament led old, Old led. Where do covetous preachers, those who preach for a salary or money , go in the next life? Unperfected ministers and teachers are blind guides that lead to the ditch and destruction of soul.

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    All boasting is evil, rooted in vanity and pride, both of which are the opposite of humility. Verses that show how a crucified, true believer brings pleasure, honor, and glory to God. Christendom has made Jesus' sacrifice an excuse for continuation of sin, breaking the covenant. As promised to Eve: Christ the seed from woman bruises the head of the seed of Satan. A carnal man is still walking by the impulses of his flesh, his fallen mind, and evil imagination.

    Man's carnal mind is full of evil thoughts, unable to be subject to God, and must be destroyed. When you ignore God, his pleas to you, or his law in your heart, you have cast him behind your back. If you are seeking Him as your first priority in life, He will watch over you and provide all needs. If we believe what the light shows us, we can come out of darkness to become children of the light. Christ fills heaven and earth. Christ given to every man. Every man is given Christ, the light of the Word, so that they might believe the truth it reveals.

    Jesus Loves You: Acts 1:1-2 Chronicles 28:21 (Season 2) Jesus Loves You: Acts 1:1-2 Chronicles 28:21 (Season 2)
    Jesus Loves You: Acts 1:1-2 Chronicles 28:21 (Season 2) Jesus Loves You: Acts 1:1-2 Chronicles 28:21 (Season 2)
    Jesus Loves You: Acts 1:1-2 Chronicles 28:21 (Season 2) Jesus Loves You: Acts 1:1-2 Chronicles 28:21 (Season 2)
    Jesus Loves You: Acts 1:1-2 Chronicles 28:21 (Season 2) Jesus Loves You: Acts 1:1-2 Chronicles 28:21 (Season 2)
    Jesus Loves You: Acts 1:1-2 Chronicles 28:21 (Season 2) Jesus Loves You: Acts 1:1-2 Chronicles 28:21 (Season 2)
    Jesus Loves You: Acts 1:1-2 Chronicles 28:21 (Season 2) Jesus Loves You: Acts 1:1-2 Chronicles 28:21 (Season 2)
    Jesus Loves You: Acts 1:1-2 Chronicles 28:21 (Season 2) Jesus Loves You: Acts 1:1-2 Chronicles 28:21 (Season 2)
    Jesus Loves You: Acts 1:1-2 Chronicles 28:21 (Season 2) Jesus Loves You: Acts 1:1-2 Chronicles 28:21 (Season 2)

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