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To Change Your Financial Circumstances, Choose Focus

So I must ask myself more questions. I got caught up with a lot of my blogging buddies today and tomorrow is another day of blogging opportunity waiting to unfold. Piece of cake! In this particular instance, I see how that can trigger more useful outcomes than chiding the self.

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Excellent for figuring out the right question to ask of a process. My favorit point you suggested to help focus is Focus on What You Want.

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I think this is important, as it helps you have a goal. Giovanna Garcia Imperfect Action is better than no Action.

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  • Who can I team up with? This is the question I have been thinking about all day… Who to help me get my singing voice back.. Who to assist me with the business of blogging…I do not do that well Who to just be able to talk to… Who will be my friend and ask me the tough questions, listen and then let me reciprocate? I love how you teach us to word our questions differently. By doing that we completely change our focus. I will use this technique for the rest of the week and see how I feel by Sunday. This is my pledge to the readers of this site.

    To Change Your Financial Circumstances, Choose Focus

    JD, your first line was enough for me. And you provided a great list of questions. Excellent advice! Thank you. Teaming up is the way to go. The results are amazing when you shift or rephrase how your self-talk and how you talk with others. It really helps put things in perspective.

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    Sometimes we work harder to avoid, than simply respond when it happens. Focusing on what I want is something I have consciously started to do only recently.

    Intellectual-Horsepower Mind Thinking Skills. Sharing is Caring: Facebook. How Tony Robbins Makes Decisions. Whose Idea Was That, Anyway? Team Trees have reached a remarkable 15 million trees from crowd sourced donations, in under a month, and the massive popularity it has gained has attracted big-name celebrities to donate as well.

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    It is up to us. Learn More: Here and Here. A good news story from what some consider to be an armchair activist generation. A highway in China is made up of solar panels, optimizing space. Is it practical? Probably not, but it is cool. Water Consumed Globally Measured in Millions of litres.


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    This Year. This Year Renewables Non-Renewables. Data provided by Worldometers. Visit their website to learn about these and other indicators. Our signature Video and Media Arts contest, now including Grade 7 and music videos.

    Focus Change
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